Auto-Editor On Golem



What is Auto-Editor?

Auto-Editor is a command line tool to automate some simple video editing tasks, such as cutting out silence and dead-space, adjusting the speed of a video, etc. Great for students who want to watch lecture videos in less time, or content creators editing a long interview.

What is Golem?

Golem Network is a decentralized distributed super-computing platform. Read more about it at their website:

By becoming a provider you can help out auto-editor online, Golem, and earn money while doing so.

What Data is stored by auto-editor on Golem?

The video you upload, as well as the filename you gave it, will be stored for 24hrs on our servers. To retrieve your video from the download link, it will be protected by an access token. Additionally, the hash of your ip address + user agent string will be logged for rate limiting purposes. hashes will be peppered, so as to be nearly impossible to reverse engineer. We will collect no other information. No data mining of the videos you upload, no selling your data to third parties, no shenanigans.